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G/SPS/N/VNM/84 Viet Nam 11/07/2016 National Technical Regulation on Veterinary Drug - General Requirement. Draft on veterinary Drug 9 2016.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/85 Viet Nam 11/07/2016 National technical regulation: Animal feed - Maximum level of mycotoxins, heavy metals and microorganisms in complementary feed and feed additives for livestock. National technical regulation on Animal feed - Maximum level of ....pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/83 Viet Nam 10/03/2016 National technical regulation: Animal feeding stuffs - Maximum level of undesirable substances in animal feed stuff. National technical on animal feedstuff.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/82 Viet Nam 09/07/2016 Draft Circular on amending and supplementing some provisions of Circular No. 24/2013/TT-BYT dated 14 August 2013 of Ministry of Health issuing "Regulation on maximum residues limits for veterinary drugs in foods". Circular on regulation of verterinary drugs residuces in food.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/81 Viet Nam 06/29/2016 National technical regulation on bovine semen Na-te-re-on bovine semen 2016.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/80/Corr.1 Viet Nam 06/02/2016 Draft Circular providing regulation on quarantine of aquatic animals and fishery products; Correction NVNM80C1.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/79 Viet Nam 05/19/2016 Draft Circular providing regulations on quarantine of terrestrial animals and terrestrial animal products Circular on quantantine of terrestrial animals and terrestrial animals products.zip

G/SPS/N/VNM/80 Viet Nam 05/19/2016 Draft Decree providing regulation on quarantine of aquatic animals and fishery products Circular on quarantine of animals and aquatic animal's products.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/78 Viet Nam 05/11/2016 Draft Decree on state management on animal and aquaculture feed Decree 08 on aninal feed management.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/77 Viet Nam 04/18/2016 Draft Decree regulates conditions of producing, selling, advertising, testing of food, and designates organizations to certify compliance, to conduct state inspection on food safety for imported food belonging to the responsibility of the Ministry of Health NVNM77.pdf

Decree on Food import belong to reponbisility of MOH.pdf
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