Notice - Notification of VietNam: Draft Livestock Law.

WTO code G/SPS/N/VNM/95
Date notice 12/03/2018
Notice type Regular
Title Draft Livestock Law.

By setting out the general principles of good practice in raising, breeding,  and  farming  livestock,  poultry  and  pet  animals,  this  law  is  enacted  with  the intention  of  regulating  and  standardizing  the  production  and  operation  in  the  field  of animal  husbandry,  to  ensure  the  quality  and  safety  of  livestock  and  poultry  products, animal feeds, livestock breeds and genetic material.

Product Livestock and poultry products (meat and meat products of different types that comprise fresh, chilled and frozen meat as well as tissue or offal, eggs, honey, milk and dairy products); non-food animal products (such as wool, hide, leather); animal feeds; livestock breeds and genetic material (semen, embryos, larva)
Country Viet Nam

File attach:
Draft on livestock law.pdf

Orther Notice:

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