WTO code Country Date notice Title File attach
G/SPS/N/VNM/41 Viet Nam 01/16/2013 Draft Law on Plant Protection and Quarantine nvnm41.doc

DT Luat 3-25-12-12 _VNM41_Vie.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/39 Viet Nam 01/03/2013 Draft of Circular guiding functional food products management NVNM39.doc

G/SPS/N/VNM/40 Viet Nam 01/03/2013 Draft of Circular prescribed maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs in food NVNM40.doc

TT-thuoc thu y_VNM40.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/38 Viet Nam 12/11/2012 Circular on provisions for the issuing, renewal and revocation of certificates for genetically modified plants and products derived from genetically modified plants to be used as animal feed Du thao TT cap giay XN TV BDG du dieu kien lam TACN (VNM38_EN).pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/37 Viet Nam 12/06/2012 Draft Circular Regulating State Inspection on Food Safety for Food Imported Under the Management Responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Trade NVNM37.doc

VNM37 Circular on food safety _MOIT_Final.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM/36 Viet Nam 11/29/2012 National technical regulation on hygiene for glass and ceramics packaging direct contact with food VNM36 NTR packaging direct contact with food.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/35 Viet Nam 11/22/2012 Draft of Circular guiding prepackged food labeling NVNM35.doc

VNM35 Circular guiding prepackged food labeling.pdf
G/SPS/N/VNM34 Viet Nam 10/02/2012 Draft Circular for revising, amending some articles in Circular 13/2011/TT-BNNPTNT guiding on the food safety control for imported foodstuffs of plant Draft_Revised_Cr13_21Sept_Vie.pdf

G/SPS/N/VNM/33 Viet Nam 07/16/2012 Draft Circular stipulating procedures for quarantine and inspection of terrestrial animals and thereof; sending, receiving pathogenic samples; inspection of veterinary hygiene; forms and formats of documents for applying quarantine and inspection Circular_QTKDTV33_V.doc

G/SPS/N/VNM/32 Viet Nam 07/13/2012 Deregulation of Maximum Residue Limits of Ractopamin in Food Notification circular-Ractopamin32.doc

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