Sign Date Promulgate Title Status File attach
12/2015/TT-BNNPTNT 16/03/2015 Circular for guiding on the food safety control for imported foodstuffs of plant origin  Issued 982BE1505BBF46308343724287615D90.doc
13/2011/TT-BNNPTNT 16/03/2011 Circular Guiding on the food safety control for imported foodstuffs of plant origin  Issued A4183E50D09640FEA590295BED3E76BE.pdf
55/2010/QH12 28/06/2010 Food safety law  Issued 7B26EB9963FF47D19DA838E124D70277.DOC
29/2010/TT- BNNPTNT 06/05/2010 Promulgating the lists of food safety criteria and maximum levels thereof in certain domestically-produced or imported foodstuffs of animal origin under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development   Issued 378615AF59BF45769F3A5CD5B7579DDD.pdf
119/2008/ND-CP 28/11/2008 Decree No. 119/2008/ND-CP dated November 28, 2008, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 33/2005/ND-CP dated March 15, 2005, detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Ordinance on Animal Health Issued 6B1C3C80DE114642B68E047A4F2E5AFD.doc
59/2006/ND-CP 06/12/2006 Detailing the Commercial Law regarding goods and services banned from business, subject to business restriction or to conditional business Issued by Government on June 12, 2006 Issued 937DE18299B34803919989C636E36244.doc
73/2006/TT-BNN 18/09/2006 Guiding tasks, powers, organization and payrolls of local Agriculture and Rural Development inspectorates and inspectorates in agencies and units under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Issued 7F051B7068D64AD780D13BE2B8391C24.doc
48/2006/QD-BNN 06/09/2006 Promulgating the Regulation on animal quarantine uniforms, badges, insignia, nameplates and cards   Issued 4F00FCC35E714DA7A5E7F5E1B51F3021.doc
20/2006/QD-BTC 31/03/2006 Amending the Finance Minister’s Decision No. 08/2005/QD-BTC dated January 20, 2005, providing the regime of collection, remittance, management and use of veterinary charges and fees   Issued 7E5EC03EA619495EA6594DB8C3BEFFC8.doc
06/2006/QD-BNN 23/01/2006 Promulgating the list of forms of records and decisions used in sanctioning of administrative violations in the veterinary medicine   Issued E48CE67DEC2C4531977BC480CBA5F4E4.doc
02/2004/TT-BCN 01/12/2004 Guidelines on implementing of Decree No.13/2003 NĐ-CP on prescribing the list of dangerous goods and the land-road transport of dangerous goods. Issued Ministry of Industry on December 31, 2004 Issued 3BAE50E236924DC2B94EBA1216B0DDD5.doc
110/2003/TT-BTC 17/11/2003 Regulating the collection, payment and usage of plant protection, plant quarantine and pesticide management fees Issued by Ministry of Finance on November 17, 2003 Issued 85BF27F7D03246228C4318F70DE42318.pdf
71/2003/TT-BNN 25/06/2003 Guiding the implementation of the Government Degree No. 26/2003/ND-CP of March 19, 2003 stipulated sanctioning of administrative violations on Plant Protection and Quarantine Issued by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development  on June 25, 2003 Issued 8678F5098FBA488B9F780EC3060A14D6.doc
58/2002/ND-CP 06/03/2002 Promulgating the Regulation on Plant Protection, the Regulation on Plant Quarantine and the Regulation on Management of Pesticides Issued by the Government on June 3, 2002 This Decree replaces the Decree 92/CP of November 27, 1993 of the Government. Issued 96390C58F1434EFA969B2F02DA3EC963.doc
36/2001/PL-UBTVQH 08/08/2001 Ordinance on plant protection and plant quarantine includes 45 articles, which was passed on July 25, 2001 by the Standing Committee of the Xth National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It’s based on amendment of the 1993 Ordinance; in accordance with IPPC (amended 1997) and the rules of APPPC. The plant protection and quarantine prescribed in this Ordinance cover the prevention and elimination of organisms harmful to plant resources, the plant quarantine and the Management of Pesticides. It is applicable to Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals engaged in the production of, trading in, and use of plant resources, and in other activities related to the plant protection and/or quarantine on the Vietnamese territory. Issued 2E750F84668D412CBBCD3483B7BA0E73.doc

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