Notice - Notification of WTO Members: Draft Resolution number 1114, 6 September 2022

WTO code G/SPS/N/BRA/2074
Date notice 22/09/2022
Notice type Regular
Title Draft Resolution number 1114, 6 September 2022

This draft resolution is regarded to a proposal for a Normative Instruction - In that "Establishes the form of regularization of the different categories of food and packaging, and the respective documentation that must be presented".

In workshops held with health surveillance, the low effectiveness of current regulatory procedures for food regularization was identified, with the following consequences: lack of access to information about regularized products; lack of clarity of regulation; difficulties with food categorization; lack of definition of how this risk is understood; insufficient technical information resulting in inadequate controls, especially for higher risk products; insufficient operational capacity of analytical laboratories; forms of regularization in insufficient quantity (market authorization or exemption from market authorization), considering the variability of existing foods and their different levels of risk; regulatory gaps, among others. Thus, given the whole scenario found in the analysis of the problem, among other measures, the need for regulatory changes to solve the main problem is pointed out.

This regulation will be also notified to the TBT Committee.

Product Food technology (ICS code(s): 67)
Country Brazil

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