Thông báo - Thông báo của các nước thành viên: Proposed Amendment to the Standards and Specifications for Foods.

Ngày thông báo 13/04/2018
Loại thông báo Bình thường
Tiêu đề Proposed Amendment to the Standards and Specifications for Foods.
Tóm tắt

The proposed amendment seeks to:
1.  Newly list allulose as a food ingredient;
2.  Revise the maximum residual limits for pesticides and veterinary drugs:
-  Establish  MRLs  for  22  insecticides  (Methamidophos,  etc.)  for  chicken  meat  and eggs;
3.  Revise General Test Methods:
-  Expand veterinary drugs subjected to simultaneous test method;
-  Establish test methods for insecticides for chicken meat and eggs;
-  Establish simultaneous test method for mycotoxins in foods; and
-  Establish test method for additionally approved genetically modified foods.

Sản phẩm Food products
Quốc gia Republic of Korea

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