Thông báo - Thông báo của Việt Nam: Issued in conjunction with Decision /2007/QD-BYT dated 2007 of the Minister of Health (6 pages)

Ngày thông báo 29/01/2008
Loại thông báo Bình thường
Tiêu đề Issued in conjunction with Decision /2007/QD-BYT dated 2007 of the Minister of Health (6 pages)
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This regulation includes 15 articles that are presented in 5 chapters: Chapter 1.General regulations (articles1-4); Chapter 2. General regulation apply to modified-gene food that are produced domestic country (articles 5-6); Chapter 3. General regulation apply to imported modified-gene food (articles 7-9);  Chapter 4. Trading, advertisement, labelling, supervision and suspension of circulation of gene-modified food (articles 9-13);  Chapter 5. Implementation regulations(articles 14-15).Scope of application :1. Regulations on management of hygiene and safety of food prodúct originated from Gene-modified organisms produced in Vietnam or imported for domestic consumption, includeda) Gene-modified materials for food processing or processed food for packaging and re-labelling;b) Packed food, which contains gene-modified ingredients;2. The following gene-modified food shall not be regulated by these regulations:a) Gene-modified fresh or Gene-modified processed food in the list of items under the plant and animal quarantine; b) Gene-modified food for testing or research samples;c) Gene-modified food being sample in fairs;d) Gene-modified food being agricultural products imported and exported;Objective of application:This regulation is applicable to organizations and individuals who produce, trade and import gene-modified food as stipulated in Clause 1, Article 1 of these regulations.

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