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G/SPS/N/UGA/312 Uganda 23/01/2024 DUS DARS 1825-1:2023, Hay as animal feed Part 1: Rhodes and Natural Grass Hay - Specification, First Edition NUGA312.pdf

G/SPS/N/UGA/311 Uganda 23/01/2024 DUS DARS 1825-2: 2023, Hay as animal feed Part 2: Alfalfa (Lucerne) hay - Specification, First Edition NUGA311.pdf

G/SPS/N/UGA/310 Uganda 23/01/2024 DUS DARS 1830: 2023, Compounded goat and sheep feed - Specification, First Edition NUGA310.pdf

G/SPS/N/UGA/309 Uganda 23/01/2024 DUS DARS 1838:2023, Fish meal as animal feed — Specification, First Edition NUGA309.pdf

G/SPS/N/UGA/308 Uganda 23/01/2024 DUS DARS 1844: 2023, Dried insect products for compounded animal feeds — Specification, First Edition NUGA308.pdf

G/SPS/N/TZA/327 Tanzania, United Republic of 23/01/2024 DEAS 44:2023, Milled maize (corn) products — Specification, Fifth Edition. NTZA327.pdf

G/SPS/N/TZA/326 Tanzania, United Republic of 23/01/2024 DARS 1349:2023, Amaranth grains – Specification, First edition. NTZA326.pdf

G/SPS/N/TZA/325 Tanzania, United Republic of 23/01/2024 DARS 1351-2023, Teff Grain – Specification, First Edition. NTZA325.pdf

G/SPS/N/TZA/324 Tanzania, United Republic of 23/01/2024 DARS 1350:2023, Teff flour — Specification, First edition. NSAU524.pdf

G/SPS/N/TUR/119/Add.4 Turkey 23/01/2024 Emergency phytosanitary measures for the import of tomato and squash seeds NTUR119A4.pdf

G/SPS/N/TPKM/615/Add.1 Chinese Taipei 23/01/2024 Draft Standard for Foods Treated with Ionising Radiation NTPKM615A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/THA/585/Add.1 Thailand 23/01/2024 Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Notification No. 447 entitled "Health Claims in Foods" NTHA585A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/THA/155/Rev.2/Add.3 Thailand 23/01/2024 Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Notification No. 446 entitled "Food products Required to bear Nutrition Labelling and Guideline Daily Amounts, GDA Labelling (No. 2)" NTHA155R2A3.pdf

G/SPS/N/EU/681/Add.1 European Union 19/01/2024 Introduction of restrictions on the use of certain flavouring substances NEU681A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/EU/680/Add.1 European Union 19/01/2024 Removal of certain flavouring substances from the Union list NEU680A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/EU/650/Add.1 European Union 19/01/2024 Correction and amendment of Implementing Regulations (EU) 2022/1421, (EU) 2022/652, (EU) 2022/1490 and (EU) 2022/320 NEU650A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/EU/712 European Union 18/01/2024 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2024/286 of 16 January 2024 amending Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1793 on the temporary increase of official controls and emergency measures governing the entry into the Union of certain goods from certain third countries implementing Regulations (EU) 2017/625 and (EC) No 178/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council NEU712.pdf

G/SPS/N/MYS/58 Malaysia 18/01/2024 Amendment to Table I and Table II of the Fifteenth A Schedule of the Food Regulations 1985 P.U.(A) 437/1985. NMYS58.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1532/Add.1 Canada 18/01/2024 D-96-07: Phytosanitary Import Requirements for Screenings, and Grain and Seed for Cleaning NCAN1532A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3440 United States 17/01/2024 Filing of Color Additive Petition From Environmental Defense Fund, et al.; Request To Amend the Color Additive Regulations To Remove the Solvents Ethylene Dichloride, Methylene Chloride, and Trichloroethylene; Notification of Petition. NUSA3440.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3439 United States 17/01/2024 Filing of Food Additive Petition From Environmental Defense Fund, et al.; Request To Amend the Food Additive Regulations To Remove the Solvents Benzene, Ethylene Dichloride, Methylene Chloride, and Trichloroethylene; Notification of Petition NUSA3439.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/216/Add.1 Ukraine 17/01/2024 Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 398 of 1 April 2022 and to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 960 of 24 October 2018" NUKR216A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/CAN/1536/Add.1 Canada 17/01/2024 Established Maximum Residue Limit: Carfentrazone-ethyl NCAN1536A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/217 Ukraine 16/01/2024 Draft Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine "On Approval of the Requirements for Fruit Jams, Jellies, Marmalades and Sweetened Chestnut Puree" NUKR217.pdf

G/SPS/N/NZL/760 New Zealand 16/01/2024 Emergency amendments to Import Health Standard 155.02.06: Importation of Nursery Stock NNZL760.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/796 Republic of Korea 15/01/2024 Pre-announcement of Amendment Draft to the Enforcement Regulation of the Wildlife Protection and Management Act NKOR796.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/263 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1073:2023, Cheese — Specification NKEN263.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/262 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1096:2023, Milk Powders and Cream Powder — Specification NKEN262.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/261 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1095:2023, Evaporated Milks — Specification NKEN261.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/260 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1080:2023, Processed Cheese — Specification NKEN260.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/259 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1079:2023, Cheeses in Brine — Specification NKEN259.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/258 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1078:2023, Group Standard for un-ripened cheese including fresh cheese — Specification NKEN258.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/257 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1076:2023, Extra hard grating cheeses — Specification. NKEN257.pdf

G/SPS/N/KEN/256 Kenya 15/01/2024 DARS 1072:2023, Blend of Skimmed Milk and Vegetable Fat in Powdered form — Specification. NKEN256.pdf

G/SPS/N/PAN/76 Panama 12/01/2024 Certificados Fitosanitarios. NPAN76.pdf

G/SPS/N/BRA/2239 Brazil 11/01/2024 Draft - Establishes the phytosanitary requirements for the importation of geranium (Pelargonium spp.) plant propagation material from any origin. NBRA2239.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/88 G/SPS/N/KEN/255 G/SPS/N/RWA/81 G/SPS/N/TZA/323 G/SPS/N/UGA/307 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 1187: 2023, Edible offal — Specification NBDI88.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/87, G/SPS/N/KEN/254 G/SPS/N/RWA/80, G/SPS/N/TZA/322 G/SPS/N/UGA/306 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 1190:2023, Handling, storage and transport of slaughterhouse by-products — Guidelines, First edition NBDI87.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/86, G/SPS/N/KEN/253 G/SPS/N/RWA/79, G/SPS/N/TZA/321 G/SPS/N/UGA/305 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 1188: 2023, Edible natural casings — Specification, First edition NBDI86.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/85, G/SPS/N/KEN/252 G/SPS/N/RWA/78, G/SPS/N/TZA/320 G/SPS/N/UGA/304 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 1189:2023, Marinated meat — Specification, First edition NBDI85.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/84, G/SPS/N/KEN/251 G/SPS/N/RWA/77, G/SPS/N/TZA/319 G/SPS/N/UGA/303 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 954: 2023, Meat sausages — Specification, Second edition NBDI84.pdf

G/SPS/N/BDI/83, G/SPS/N/KEN/250 G/SPS/N/RWA/76, G/SPS/N/TZA/318 G/SPS/N/UGA/302 Burundi 11/01/2024 DEAS 1186: 2023, Edible insects — Specification, First edition NBDI83.pdf

G/SPS/N/SAU/524 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 10/01/2024 Food Catering Hygienic Requirements NSAU524.pdf

G/SPS/N/JOR/43/Add.1 Jordan 09/01/2024 Phytosanitary requirements for importing vegetable seeds from different countries and different origins NJOR43A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/795 Republic of Korea 08/01/2024 Partial Amendment Notice (Draft) of Standards and Specifications for Health Functional Foods NKOR795.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/794 Republic of Korea 08/01/2024 Partial Amendment Notice (Draft) of Regulations on the Re-evaluation of Functional Materials, etc. NKOR794.pdf

G/SPS/N/EU/711 European Union 08/01/2024 Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/2782 of 14 December 2023 laying down the methods of sampling and analysis for the control of the levels of mycotoxins in food and repealing Regulation (EC) No 401/2006 NEU711.pdf

G/SPS/N/USA/3438 United States 05/01/2024 : Receipt of Several Pesticide Petitions Filed for Residues of Pesticide Chemicals in or on Various Commodities - Notice of filing of petitions and request for comment NUSA3438.pdf

G/SPS/N/UKR/209/Add.1 Ukraine 05/01/2024 Draft Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine "On approval of the Requirements for a written declaration of the conformity of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and a list of documents confirming the information specified in the declaration" NUKR209A1.pdf

G/SPS/N/KOR/793 Republic of Korea 05/01/2024 Proposed Amendments to the Standards and Specifications for Foods NKOR793.pdf

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