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Ngày thông báo 13/11/2017
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Tiêu đề roposed Maximum Residue Limit: Clethodim (PMRL2017-29)
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The  objective  of  the  notified  document  PMRL2017-29  is  to 
consult  on  the  listed  domestic  maximum  residue  limits  (MRLs)  for  Clethodim  that  have 
been proposed by the Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).
MRL (ppm)1 Raw Agricultural Commodity (RAC) and/or Processed Commodity
3.0  Spices (crop subgroup 19B)2, 3
0.9  All dried herbs within crop subgroup 19A4
0.7  All fresh herbs within crop subgroup 19A5
0.5  Hops (dried); garlic
0.2  Cherry subgroup (crop subgroup 12-09A)
1ppm = parts per million
2The  currently  established  MRLs  of  0.7  ppm  in/on  fenugreek  seeds,  1.5  ppm  in/on  caraway  seeds, 
and 0.4 ppm in/on mustard seeds (condiment type) are proposed to be revised to 3.0 ppm.
3 There  is  currently  a  MRL  of  3  ppm  established  for  dill  seeds  and  coriander  seeds,  two  crops  within crop subgroup 19B.
4The  currently  established  MRL  of  0.8  ppm  in/on  dried  dillweed  leaves  is  proposed  to  be  revised  to 0.9  ppm.  An  MRL  of  0.9  ppm  is  currently  established  for  dried  basil  leaves,  a  crop  within  crop subgroup 19A.
5A MRL of 0.7 ppm is currently established for fresh dillweed leaves and fresh basil leaves, two crops within crop subgroup 19A.

Sản phẩm Pesticide Clethodim in or on various commodities (ICS Codes: 65.020, 65.100, 67.040, 67.080, 67.220)
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