Thông báo - Thông báo của các nước thành viên: The Partial Amended Provisions for the Regulations of Inspection of Imported Foods and Related Products.

Ngày thông báo 07/02/2018
Loại thông báo Bình thường
Tiêu đề The Partial Amended Provisions for the Regulations of Inspection of Imported Foods and Related Products.
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The  Ministry of  Health and Welfare proposes to partially amend provisions  of  the  "Regulations  of  Inspection  of  Imported  Foods  and  Related  Products(second notice)". The proposed amendments mainly involve the following points:
1.  To  regulate  Obligatory  Inspection  Applicants  shall  submit  the  Consolidated  Import Declaration with Relevant Permits when applying import inspection; 
2.  To delete Article 5 concerning pre-declaration provisions;
3.  To  add  an  alternative  method  of  product  sampling  for  applicants  who  are  suspended for applying for prior release of products;
4.  To add conditions for applying for prior release of products;
5.  To add conditions for payment of guarantee bond;
6.  To add conditions for refund of guarantee bond;
7.  To  revise  the  time  limit  for  applying  for  re-inspection  when  the  imported  products  do not conform to regulations; and
8.  To add a guarantee for whose pre-declaration of product information is valid after the amend.

Sản phẩm Imported foods and related products
Quốc gia Chinese Taipei

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